SF52 Curtain Wall

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aesthetics and performance combine

SF52 is our most flexible aluminium curtain wall system, designed to give specifiers a host of aesthetic options for every application, whilst making fabrication incredibly easy. With consistent slim 52mm sightlines and enhanced thermal performance to exceed current building regulations, SF52 is an elegant solution for both ground floor and high rise projects. All configurations have excellent weather performance, being fully CWCT and EN13830 weather tested and are 100% recyclable with a life expectancy of 40+ years.

Full Flexibility for Stunning Designs
  • Can be assembled in any combination of capped, vertically capped, horizontally capped or silicone glazed to create a unique external facade. A variety of caps allows even more aesthetic possibilities.
  • Choose from Zone drained or Mullion drained (fully capped only).
  • Large range of transom & mullion sizes with additional reinforcing sleeves and boxes from 50-250mm plus the option of concealed steel reinforcing to allow larger spans.
  • Raked heads for a range of apex angles can be achieved using a specially designed shear block.
  • Fully compatible with any of our windows (including frameless vents) plus both manual and automated doors.
  • Available in an almost unlimited choice of colours and finishes both externally and internally.
Easy to Fabricate Saving Time and Money
  • SF52 is a stick type front loaded system.
  • Punch tools and jigs are available for easy manufacture.